I am a christian woman and was raised to treat others as you would want to be treated. Honesty and Integrity are the foundation of my success in life and in business.

January 2019 begins my 29th year of consulting and helping business owners gain a higher return on their investment. I've lived in the League City, Texas area since 1983 so my  focus is the Bay Area of Houston and Galveston.

I worked in marketing from 1990 to mid 1997. Within a few years I set out on a permanent career path in the merchant services industry . My passion is assisting entrepreneurs find ways to increase their bottom line. 

I continually provide the best tools and vendors in this ever changing industry to save time and money. I am your concierge service  from initial conversation throughout the merchant life cycle.  Many businesses within my portfolio I have been helping since 1990. My Portfolio currently consists of over 500 businesses.

With 19 years in the merchant services industry I have only represented three companies. I was recruited by Mainstream Merchant Services in Jan of 2013.   I quickly learned that customer satisfaction was their passion as well. That was reason enough for me to join their team. They continue to exceed my expectations and that is passed on to our clients. You can expect the same. They love their clients as much as I do mine.  They provide quality care and never change fees or add extra charges. Every client is at the same rate as the day they signed up. In my 6 years of partnership with Mainstream I have found them to be the best company  ever.

At Mainstream Merchant Services 

There is no magic potion or shortcuts in this industry. We all start the same with actual cost from the issuing bank card companies, VISA, MC, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS.


Every thing is based on cost and this is no secret. It is published on the world wide web. I will show you cost and provide transparent pricing based on "cost".


At Mainstream we assure our customers satisfaction by giving you a 100% Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied just cancel in the first 90 days with no penalties or early termination fees.  

We do what is right for you and your business.

Cell 281-236-8450 melinda@melindaboles.com

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