Initial Contact and Planning

​​Our initial conversation I will listen so I can make recommendations to fill your needs. I start with getting a current statement from your current provider. Often business owners get fixated on "price" or "rates" (as they are referred to in this industry). Don't get stuck on the rates. It is the overall fees and other charges  that go along with rates that may be costing your business the most. I do an analysis based on true cost  from Visa, MC, Disc and American Express. I will show you exactly what cost is, how much we will make,  as well as what your current company is profiting . If I cannot save you money I will be the first to say stay where you are.

Interchange Plus / Cost Plus Pricing

​​Cost is cost and it is publicly posted. No one can change the cost except Visa, MC, Disc and American Express. They reserve the rights to adjust the costs every April and October.  This is why being on a cost plus program is best. Example: If you are on "cost plus" 1% we are making $1.00 on every hundred dollars to fund your money. That's as transparent as you can get. I will show you our exact profit as well as what your current company is profiting. There is no magic potion or special deals . It is all based on the costs each card type charges.  There are different programs available and we will find what best suits your business.

Our Guarantee

​​We are so certain your new processing services with us will exceed your expectations . If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason in the first 90 days we will unconditionally allow you to cancel your service agreement without any fees, delays, or penalties.  Since 2007 Mainstream has offered businesses individualized attention making our clients the #1 priority by offering great service and support.  We also promise not to increase rates or add other charges.

We believe in complete transparency and doing the right thing.

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