What is Interchange Plus pricing? And why it's called transparent?   

I can offer interchange plus pricing OR Cash Discounting program.

No smoke, No mirrors, just full disclosure!    

Interchange Plus Pricing
Often considered the most honest and affordable pricing model in the industry, interchange plus pricing creates a very transparent relationship between a merchant and their processor. With this pricing model, the processor margin will be a set percentage for each transaction, while the interchange fee, which fluctuates depending on which type of transaction is being processed, will dictate the final cost of a given transaction. This means that whenever you process a transaction that is eligible for a lower interchange fee, you will save money compared to if the transaction was completed using a flat rate. While interchange plus pricing may seem more complicated to begin with because of the many different interchange rates out there, it can result in significant savings for your business.

Cash Discounting Is Here! Eliminate Your Card Processing Cost Today!

Through your payment terminal software, you can LEGALLY charge a small service fee for those customers who pay with credit or signature debit cards. This promotes more cash flow for you since your customers will get a "cash Discount" when paying. (This program is compliant and vetted as the automatic card discount program.)

 It’s that simple! Let’s talk about how you can start saving today!

Most companies hide the actual cost per card type and make their statements so confusing they are hard to understand. Don't feel bad I even shake my head at times and I'm in the industry. Cost is Cost and you should know exactly how that effects your business and as well as what you're paying over cost. Every company and processor gets the same cost and it IS published online. Our statements show cost on one line and the plus on the line underneath. The key is finding an honest company that will not only provide transparent pricing but will also lock in the "plus". You will get this with us including great customer service. We guarantee it.


One of the most important considerations when selecting a payment processor for your business is which pricing structure they offer, or simply, how they bill you for your processing. It’s important to understand what the different pricing structures are and how they will affect your monthly statement so you can select the billing arrangement that works best for your business. We break down how the rates and fees are divided up so you can understand how much we make off each transaction. I take the time to help you understand pricing, show you the actual cost and explain how it effects your over all costs. 

We do what is right for you and your business.