If I could show you a way to increase your profits without increasing your prices it is a win/win for your business.

Most businesses are facing extreme difficulties and this can be a temporary or permanent solution to get your business through these unprecedented  times. With the cost of everything going up businesses are facing a need to increase prices on their products or services. Some, like restaurants, will have exorbitant cost in reprinting menus and everyone will spending hours and lots of money changing marketing material whether it be a website, social media promotions, hand out materials and it just goes on. From payroll to products, things just keep going up. If this could be the difference of staying in business it is definitely something to think about.

What if you presented that your prices are based on cash payment? It is so easy, you tell everyone this quote, meal, service, membership, rent, bill is based on cash prices. 

Would they rather see you go out of business, go up on your prices or charge a small service fee for credit card payments?

If they pay in cash you have just saved 3-4% by not paying Visa, MC, Disc. and Am Ex interchange and transaction fees.


By simply letting them know they can help you out by paying with cash and pin debit can make a huge impact to your bottom line. If it must be run through as credit a small service fee will apply.


This doesn’t mean you cannot go back to regular processing when things get better but you need to make it through so you can still be in business. If you choose to accept pin debit you can offer this as cash price so they still can use a card for payment as long as they enter their PIN #. No extra equipment needed our loaner terminals have a built-in pin pad. There is a liquor store chain in Texas called Spec’s Liquor Store and they have been doing this since I can remember. They ask you debit or credit before they ring up your purchases. 


Here is the breakdown as to what this looks like:

This example has been done with an auto repair business and will be happy to show you an actual statement for you to see how I know the amount of sales processed as debit cards taken in a month. Signature debit and PIN debit are not the same. All my clients get the debit rate even if signature is captured so it breaks them down on the statements.


If your sales are $45,000.00 and your fees for the month are $1000.00 your effective rate is 2.22%

To find your effective rate simply divide all the charges into your sales. (Not just from your statement from your checking account as some companies hit you with other charges. You have to add it ALL up to get your true effective rate.)

Scenario 1

If you went on the Cash discounting charging the customer a 4% service fee on all cards your monthly total would be $60.00 a MONTH no more no less so you would see savings of $940.00 a month / $11,280.00 annually.

Scenario 2 with PIN DEBIT

If you did Cash discounting with pin debit and charged the service fee for CREDIT card transactions only and you paid the 1.25% on debit cards, still giving your customers a free way to pay with a card but they must put the pin # in.

Out of the 45,000.00 …   20,000.00 of them are debit card sales. For the 25K processed as credit your cost is a flat $60.00 a month. The 20K processed as pin debit with PIN# you pay 1.25%

$60.00 +$250.00= $310.00 ... this way you are saving $690.00 a month / $8280.00 annually.


This is only .40 cents on a $10.00 transaction OR $4.00 on a $100.00 transaction. I personally am happy to pay this to help my favorite businesses make it through these unprecedented times. Increase your cash flow daily and add to the return of your investment instead of paying the fees to Visa, MC Disc and AMEX.

Standard Cash Discounting explanation:

Cash discounting program helps all business types including B2B. Companies virtually eliminate their monthly and annual card processing costs. For every sale that is made with a credit card, a small customer service fee is added to the charge. The service fee is calculated and added to the amount of the ticket, which then appears on your customer’s printed receipt. If your customer pays in cash, they do not pay the service fee. We will provide you with free signage that will inform your customers that you are on a cash discount program (by law, all merchants must display clear signage disclosing that they offer cash discounting).

We are helping establishments like yours save up to 90% in annual card processing fees. The result? You can realize significant savings to help grow and expand your business! If you find that our Cash Discount program isn’t working for you, we’ll quickly switch you back to Interchange Plus processing.

Our cash discounting payment terminal accepts all payment types –credit, EMV chip cards and mobile wallets with no PIN Pad required. If a card is presented for payment, the terminal software will automatically add the service charge and include that charge on the printed receipt.

We provide 1 (WIFI capable) terminal with replacement warranty per location.

You may purchase additional terminals for $199.00 + tax.

How Cash Discounting Benefits You

  • Reduce Cost - You will save thousands on your monthly and annual processing costs.

  • Legal Program - Our cash discounting program is legal, giving you piece of mind as you accept payments.

  • Our cash discounting program is fast and simple to set up with plug-and-play equipment

  • Flat Monthly Fee - No more interchange mark ups. You pay the same flat fee each month.

  • We will provide you with free window decals and point-of-purchase signage.                                                                    


What is a Cash Discount?
A cash discount rewards customers for paying in cash. Your customers always have a choice as we will provide free signage.

What equipment is needed?
We provide a state of the art smart terminals and regular terminals with an internal PIN pad. Smart terminals will allow you to text or email invoices via a link for customers to enter their card info.

You can also email and text receipts. It gives you the capability to offer reoccurring payments / billing if want to offer payment options too.

We provide one terminal per location. If multiple terminals are needed they are available for purchase for $195.00- $251.00 + tax depending on model.

Is Cash Discounting legal?
Yes, Cash discount programs do not discriminate one card over another and reward customers for paying with cash. Cash discount programs have been available for years to higher education, municipals, gas stations and utility providers, so it is not a new concept. Plus our partner has legally vetted.

Is it a surcharge?
No. Surcharges are subject to the laws of each state and must work in accordance with each brands’ operating rules. Cash Discounting is an attractive option because it is fast and easy to set up, your customers have a choice, and there’s no complicated vetting/approval process with the Card Brands.

What payments can be accepted?
Credit, Debit, mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay and Google pay. We will provide fee signage so you can inform your customers.

How much can I save?
Savings vary, but most merchants can expect to save 80 –90% of their annual processing costs.

How are my customers informed?
Place signage in visible areas. We will provide the FREE point-of-purchase signage and window decals. We recommend in the window or on the door of your business and at the consumer checkout point.

Is the solution PCI Compliant?
Yes, this program is fully PCI compliant and also complies with all card brand rules. The PCI security is included in the $60.00 monthly cost.